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May 16, 2010
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Ref Sheet: Basket Case by TheSharpness Ref Sheet: Basket Case by TheSharpness
Basket Case ref complete before a JTO ref? :iconsadjtoplz:

A.K.A. Adam Pearson (In fact he prefers to be called Adam. Basket Case is a Media Produced name because "Adam kills couple" didn't sound as attention grabbing. It's not like he tries to hide his identity anyway.)

The bracelet is on his right wrist. The screw is the same tone of Red as his hair. It's not here because a) This is a general ref sheet and b) You wouldn't see it due to the length of his sleeves.

If BC stands tall in the Junkyard, expect some evil plans for the island.


- MacGuyver effect (Great at Inventing things out of nothing)
- Won't hold back
- Intelligent and quick witted
- Unpredictable attack strategy
- Wide variaty of weapons and gadgets

- Physically weak, relies too much on his gadgets
- Sometimes skips over the "easy way out" to do things "his way"
- You would have to be pretty stupid or sheltered to not think he's a little suspicious
- Prone to throwing out dud bombs
- As his gadgets get more advanced, they become more prone to error

- Fruit
- Killing
- Fruit
- Blood
- Fruit
- Death
- Anything fruit related
- Causing fear
- Vegetables are cool too, but make for useless weapons
- Morty

- Needles
- Doctors
- Meat and meat eaters
- Green Day (I strongly suggest you do not reference THAT song near him)
- The superheroes of Britland City, ESPECIALLY JTO and Pastel
- Beings without a mouth (HOW CAN I FEED YOU INSANITY FOOD IF YOU CAN'T EAT!?)

Almost always smiling and showng off dem pearly whites. He feels no remorse, sadness or pity. He only feels "happy" (He takes great joy in bringing pain), Anger/Disgust (When his plans start to fall apart around him) and Fear (When faced with needles).

If he's not talking, chances are he's laughing. And boy can he laugh. When he really starts to get into it, he starts to snort a little. GWAH HA HAA HAA *snort* Heh HA HAA!

Obsession is one thing he suffers from. When he first started out he was obsessed with revenge against all the bullies he had as a childhood. Most are now dead or traumatised by his hands, some being sent to insane asylums themselves.

"My favorite one was Cory Andrews. Didn't lay a finger on him. Hell! I never even saw him! Fact is though, when I had just killed off his three buddys, he knew he was next. The crazy fool buys a gun and starts shooting any skinny red haired guy who approched him! HA HA! The icing on the cake? They stuck him in a cell next to me! So now I get to laugh at him every single night as he cries himself to sleep! GWAH HA HAA!"

Of course, now that his revenge has mostly been done, he now is becoming obsessed with "Killing the unkillable". He couldn't kill Morty and made him a sort of right-hand-man to his schemes while super hero JTO is uneffected by his Insanity Grapes due to his bloodstream flowing with orange juice already. Since then, he'll kill just to draw a super hero out to fight. While not physically strong and with no real super powers, this evil super villain can hold his own against even the most Super of Men using his wits and various gadgets to his advantage.

Naturally, he is also obsessed with fruit. He is well aware he could simply kill his rival with a gun shot or throwing him in front of a train. But where would be the fun in that? It's just not him.

BC rarely acts charming as most people know he's evil from where he's from due to constant news warnings every time he's released. Of course, on neutral ground, he may use the opponents lack of knowledge of his background as an advantage for a cheap shot. "I say, you do look hungry. Here, have an apple my dear!"

Extended Backstory
Praised as a child genius, Adam didn't have many friends at school, prefering to keep himself away from the 'fools' in his class and focus on his studies. Due to his unpopularity, his classmates would often play pranks on him. One prank would then leave him with a phobia of doctors and needles. The doctor in question had been one of the boy's brothers in an older year dressed in a creepy halloween costume and armed with a syringe filled with fake blood.

With his Iatrophobia (Fear of Doctors), he did everything in his power to avoid going to the hospital whatever the cost. Once he heard about an apple a day keeps the doctor away, he made sure he ate at least two a day.

When he was 11, he heard about how for a healthy living, people must eat five fruit a day (For whatever reason, he ignored the fact that vegetables could be eaten as well)

It turned out however that '5 a Day' wasn't so much advice but more of a warning. As it turned out, eating more then 5 pieces of fruit a day with no vegetables what so ever can greatly destroy someone's mental health. Adam was the most extreme case of this, eating 20 pieces of fruit everyday for 3 weeks, finally snapping when eating 30 in a 24 hour period.

After managing to create a small apple bomb that killed his parents and a banana sickle that was the cause of an unsuspecting janitors death, his attempt to plant a group of pineapple bombs at his school was thrawted just in time by superhero K-Man. He was placed in the Mental Instituition for Patients of Fruit Related Illness, being put in the highest level of security. And there he stayed for his teenage years, seemingly spiralling further down into madness despite the workers best efforts. He was nicknamed Basket Case by the media due to the fruit basket he carried around the fruit bombs in. The name stuck.

It was around the time that JTO had arrived on the scene of Dock Town that Adam, now in his 20's, finally managed to somehow escape. Creating an outfit from his straight jacket and a fruit bowl, he went about creating many dangerous items disguised as fruit that he had imagined all these years. His horde of fruit has yet to be found and despite how many times they lock him up, he always easilly escapes when he feels like it.

Despite him priginally targeting the people that made his childhood miserable, in more recent escapes his attacks have been random and unpredictable, meaning that perhaps he has given up on (Or even, spiralled down into so much madness, can't remember) his grudge and just kills for the 'fun of it'.

Weapon Info

Adams skills lie in creating a mass of strange and dangerous weapons designed into fruit that he carries in the basket on his back. Some are so realistic looking that even Basket Case himself gets it mixed up with real fruit sometimes, so he has been known to throw the odd dud bomb. Options are near endless and some work better then others, with many prototypes failing before he gets them right.

Examples of weapons and gadgets:

- Pineapple Grenades: Planned to release deadly spikes from a large explosion, these have never really had the oppertunity to go off due to their long set up time.

- Bananas: Besides apples, banana's are Basket Case's most used fruit. Inside his banana's are usually the more conventional weapons such as flick-knives and small firearms. He has also created a couple of sharp 'bananarangs'.

- Apples: His most used fruit, his apples are mainly used as small bombs with differing effects. These include smoke bombs, mines and even floating "bobbing apple bombs" in the water. They have also been used as ways to conceal nets, smoke for getaways and even crude holographics so that he can mock his victims from afar.

- Oranges: Case's orange's tend to be used as forms of trapping the opponent, usually causing a very sticky mess that is hard to escape from. Have also been used as sticky bombs.

- Pears: Always using them in pairs themselves, he often uses pears as traps and survialance techniques. These often contain cameras, small automated guns and even lasers.

- Grapes: While seemingly harmless, his grapes come in three variatys. The first are hard and act like ball bearings, able to cause people alot of pain when thrown or can be dropped as a way to help him escape. The second act as small bombs. Alone they are useless, but together they can build up to blind the opponent. The third is used for torture techniques, filled with concentrated fruit to achieve maximum fruit based insanity in a limited time frame.

- Watermallet: His watermellon he carries with him actually contains a handle inside that can then be pulled out to be used as a hammer. It's rarely used but there as a back up plan.

- Not all of his tools are weapons. Some function as other gadgets such as grapple hooks (In the form of a banana skin), Orange Suction Cups and crude Grape Vine Ladders to help get around.

Entering into JunkYard City and LEO, as well as being one of the primary villains of Britland City (More on that later if you don't know about it yet)
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deedeedragonwolf Featured By Owner May 11, 2013
*Shudder* O_e Dang this guy gives me the creeps. But in a good way. I love his design, very cool. :3 Insane villains are always so much fun! Haha!
Inkwire Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
uh.... does eating more than 5 apples and no vegetables really makes you crazy? :iconohdearplz:
Res-Gestae Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Saw [link] . Thought of you.
TheSharpness Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011
I'm touched. ;D

I find there to be a certain sense of irony that the image is made by a "Doctor", one of Basket Cases greatest fears.
Res-Gestae Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2011  Professional Filmographer
I hadn't noticed that, lol!
DevilHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
Oh well. She'd be like "Wtf is this?" and toss it at him.
I hope he can feel surprise. I really, really do.
I'm so freaked out I'm not keeping him in character....maybe I should note you bout this. o_o;;;
TheSharpness Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
I wouldn't take that "limited emotion" line too serious as I never do lol. The key is that he doesn't show remorse or sorrow really. Like for example, he can be happy, but happy is such a broad term as there's all different levels of happiness.

Hell, I drew him being rather suprised at the bottom here: [link]
DevilHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
...*works harder*
DevilHedgehog Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
...I'm NOT drawing Morty. May draw JTO, though. the eating too much fruit can kill you thing really real?....
TheSharpness Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2010
You can never have too much JTO! Both Morty and J WERE going to pop up at the end of Round 1 in a "Meanwhile, back at the Asylum..." scene, but it got cut for time. Maybe I can throw it in at the start of this Round lol

And no, that's just my wacky mind at work mixed with a bit of "super comic book science". So no need to worry there XD
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